Hi, I am Licio Lentimo

Software Dev

What I do

Web Design + Development

Having a fast website is key to keeping people around which ultimately converts them into customers. There are a myriad of techniques involved in making a fast website, all of which I've spent years learning.

Android App Development

Worked on various apps including custom views, maps, Firebase database/firestore, REST APIs etc. I strive to write clean, readable, reusable code, implement design patterns and design principles.


I help businesses achieve growth in customer numbers and general outreach on search engines.

My Work

Who I Am

Software Developer based in Nairobi

Hello, I am a full stack software engineer, I enjoy bridging the gap between engineering and design, combining my technical knowledge with my keen eye for design to create beautiful products. I have great passion for building mobile and web applications that are scalable and efficient under the hood while providing engaging, pixel perfect user experiences.

My Work

A selection of some of my work